Our Services and Offerings

We're dedicated to making your transition into fleet tracking solutions as easy as possible.

Expert Location-Based Services for People, Vehicles, and Assets.

If you don’t know where your resources are – and where they’re going – it can be all but impossible to find and fix operational inefficiencies.

No Job is Too Out of The Ordinary

You'd be surprised by what can be tracked.

Our Services and Offerings

We're dedicated to making your transition into fleet tracking solutions as easy as possible.


We work with your schedule. iQ4 Mobility handles and assists with the entire installation process. Don’t want to take your guys off the road? With us you don’t have to. Installation can be done nights, weekends, whatever works for you. Our contractors are licensed and insured. Already have a mechanic? We can guide you through the process of self installation.


We offer initial onsite training, online web training, and ongoing video tutorials to help you understand how to use your new system. Onsite will give you the basics, and you will know how to run things in a day. Online web training will provide opportunities to dig deeper into your operations and will keep you up to date on new features to ensure you are receiving the most out of your services.


We are in the tracking business so it comes natural to us. And that is exactly what we do if you have a problem. We track it down, resolve it, and then utilize our robust ticketing system to document the event. We are with you start to finish, and there is never a charge for technical support. All training is provide unlimited at no cost. One-on-one training, webex’s and group training are available. Anything you need we provide.


All of our iQ4 Mobility devices are US Military grade, manufactured in the United States. They come with an extra-sensitive GPS chip set, internal antenna, a powerful processing engine, and a 3-axis accelerometer that detects and acts on aggressive acceleration and hard breaking. The internal program event generator instantly reacts to programmed and pre-defined features like geofencing, motion detection, time/date sensors, inputs and other important events. The over-the-air programming offers quick deployment with minimal downtime and the small form factor allows for an easy and concealed installation.

"Almost a full year ago we set up our system through Will Morello, who is made the transition to switching systems super easy. The installation was scheduled for our fleet at a convenient time. They provided on site training of the system. We have had no issues with any of the tracking. We since have had to switch units to newer vehicles and that process was convenient and simple as well. The set up of report generation was done for us, allowing us to receive the information we needed on a consistent basis with no effort on our part allowing us to manage our business. The reports have assisted us on multiple occasions when settling time disputes. I would highly recommend Will and iQ4Mobility for your fleet tracking needs."
Kelly Watson
Leave all your security worries behind you.